Trudeau failing to protect your data

What can you say about a government that lectures Putin about the evils of hacking, then turns around and plays fast and loose with the sensitive information of Canadians?

The recent Statistics Canada data grab- where the government is compelling big banks to give up the financial records of 500,000 Canadians- is sadly nothing new from the brazenly hypocritical Liberals, who have done little if anything to keep Canadian data private while other countries and regions have brought in tough legislation. But then again, the Liberals relied heavily on big data companies such as Facebook to win their majority, so why should they put that at risk?

It was also revealed by independent Canadian news outlet The Logic that the Liberals' much ballyhooed agreement with Sidewalk Labs- a subsidiary of Google- to create a "smart city" on Toronto's waterfront- was on the verge of falling through. We'll probably never know how much Trudeau- along with defeated Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne- was willing to promise Google to satisfy his mania of getting Big Tech to put one of their data-mining factories right in the middle of our biggest cities, but it doesn't inspire confidence that he'll protect our data.

Then we've got the smaller scale, but no less creepy, attempts by the Liberals to farm for secrets. There was former Minister of Democratic Institutions Maryam Monsef's weird electoral preferences survey, which looked and felt a lot like a list-building exercise. Then there was the strange case of the Canada150 Tessera survey, which cost nearly $600K and did not even come close to value for money. And what about Melanie Joly's bizarre deal with Netflix, which was passed off as a plan to protect Canadian culture but somehow forgot to include Quebec.

We're used to Liberals failing to stand up for Canadian interests like in their failure to negotiate a good deal with the USMCA, but it's becoming clear that the Liberals are willing to sell your secret information down the river in order to get into the good graces of the big tech companies. With the Trudeau Liberals, Canadians will find themselves exposed in more ways than one.

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