Strong and Free - Thank you

Saying thanks to the supporters of Strong and Free

I'm not sure if I'll cover everything here but I'll try.

In short, you've surprised me.

Let me explain.

When Justin Trudeau formed government in 2015, I was disgusted. His plans to run massive deficits made every budget-conscious tax-paying Canadian ill.

What could we do? What could anyone do?

But then, a feeling of hopelessness turned to action. I wanted to create an outlet that would tell the truth about the damage Trudeau was about to do -- and now has done -- to our country.

I put out the call to my friends and their friends (and their friends and so on), and well... our little outlet became a massive movement.

Over 200,000 of us on the Strong and Free page on Facebook.

Almost 10 million views of our videos holding Trudeau accountable for his disastrous record.

Our growing movement is sharing the truth about Trudeau. These facts are are opening the eyes of Canadians who are now starting to realize Trudeau's failures for what they are.

Our plan is to continue to grow. And we'll grow louder than the establishment media voices who are doing all they can to keep Trudeau in power.

Does that sounds like a good idea? Because I'm in if you are.

We are Strong and Free. And together, we'll take Canada back.

Will you join the Strong and Free Foundation? We're taking Canada back from the radical left!