Nobody Supports The Trudeau Government's Plan To Welcome Terrorists

The Trudeau government can't defend their policy of welcoming back ISIS fighters to Canada because the policy is indefensible.

It goes without saying that the Liberals didn't campaign on rehabilitating terrorists during the 2015 election, because then they would have been obliged to defend such nonsense.

Yet, after three years in government, they haven't gotten much better at spinning this ridiculous idea. When pressed on this point, the Prime Minister falls back on accusing the Conservatives of "playing the politics of division". He was all ready to put Andrew Scheer on blast for calling him out when the cameras were rolling.

And it turns out that when B'nai Brith Canada, a human rights association, testified before Trudeau's Justice Committee, Trudeau's Liberals backed off of their proposal to water-down sentences for Canadians convicted of terrorism-related offences.

You'll remember that it was just over a year ago that Trudeau's own Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale, admitted that the chances of rehabilitating returning terrorists were slim to none.

The one expert they dug up who supports Trudeau's plan admits that it will require "a very careful effort, which we’re not well-equipped for in Canada right now."  Another expert points out that other de-radicalization efforts have failed, with former terrorists returning to their murderous ways after going through the program.

And it wasn't long ago when Trudeau was caught in a rather embarrassing- and still unexplained- meeting with Joshua Boyle at the PMO. Boyle, of course, is the former Taliban captive and ex-husband of Omar Khadr's sister Zaynab. He also recently faced allegations in court of physical abuse of his second wife.

Not exactly a poster boy for returning Canadians who may or may not have been radicalized while abroad, huh?

It does appear that Trudeau has to take what support he can get for his policy. You won't find too many Canadians living on donations from food banks, or veterans who fought terrorists abroad, or First Nations living on reserves, who are too happy about the government diverting resources to re-integrate terrorists into Canadian society. Why is Justin Trudeau looking out for the worst people in society? Does he have the interests of you and your family at heart?

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