Liberal turnover and Liberal pirouettes

Trudeau's mounting scandals and Doug Ford's election. What's next?

Our non-profit organization has faced quite a first half of 2018. First, Doug Ford was elected as the new Premier of Ontario.We'll be looking to hold Ford accountable for his campaign promises to restore fiscal sanity to Ontario, restoring Ontario's manufacturing base, while ending insider contracts for connected partisans.

Second, Trudeau capped off a disastrous spring session in the federal legislature. His much maligned trip to India delivered little for Canadians, increased our trade deficit with the country, while his fame-seeking behaviour finally caught up with him. Canadians are starting to see his antics as shallow, delivering little for everyday Canadians.

Trudeau was also slapped with another ethics violation. Make no mistake: he was found to have broken the law. But, he paid the $100 fine, got a slap on the wrists, and shrugged off the whole affair.

Canadians are trying to measure his performance in renegotiating NAFTA with President Trump. One of his top trade officials conceded that Canada and the US are not currently negotiating while economists have suggested the longer we languish without a deal, the worse the outcome could be for Canada. Trudeau's behaviour with Trump may cause some blind nationalist cheers, but 85% of our international trade is on the line. Strong and Free is looking for the best deal for Canada, but a deal nonetheless. Being proud and poor will lose its novelty quickly if Trudeau tosses out his opportunity to negotiate a good deal.

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