Businesses Leaving Canada Because of Trudeau's Carbon Tax

The Liberals are clearly worried about companies packing up and leaving Canada because of their new carbon tax. If they weren't, they wouldn't have revised their plan back in August to give more rebates to "heavy emitters

They've got good reason to worry. Oil companies like Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil have announced that they were selling their operations because the price of extracting the crude was too high. 

Former Liberal heavyweights like John Manley have led by example, moving billions of dollars out of the country rather than risk it here. And Canadian airlines like Air Canada have also sounded the alarm, saying that passengers will be buying, and flying, American.

The Liberals could always claim that their carbon tax is not meant to be friendly to big businesses like these, and that they're focused on standing up for middle-class Canadians. But representatives for small businesses and manufacturers aren't happy with the proposed carbon tax either, with Dennis Darby of the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters worrying it could make Canada's historic problem of attracting investors even worse. It wouldn't have been so bad if the Trudeau government hadn't spent most of 2017 putting the screws to small business, but that's a story for another time. 

Did you know that Canada was an emerging greenhouse superpower, and that farmers who use greenhouses are also worried about competitiveness with the US and Mexico due to the carbon tax? It's true. Turns out that even though the plants consume carbon, the farming does generate some as well by heating the water that the plants need. 

Of course the greenhouse operators aren't exempt from the tax, because that would make sense. Both provincial and now federal governments will no doubt promise to rebate some of the money, but that doesn't make this situation any less ridiculous. Not only is Trudeau nipping an emerging Canadian business sector in the bud, but can you imagine the outcry from pot producers who use greenhouses once they see their energy bills?

You've got to give the Liberals credit for being thorough, as they've left no sector untroubled. Unfortunately, Canada may be thoroughly bare of investors before Trudeau is through as a result. 

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