Strong and Free

Strong and Free is a grassroots citizens group that is fighting back against high taxes and against attacks on the middle class.

Our social media posts have been viewed by millions of people and our videos continue to inform Canadians of the harmful effects of Justin Trudeau's policies on the middle class.

Strong and Free is a non-partisan organization that doesn't support any political party. However, we support small 'c' conservative and liberty-based principles.

Strong and Free is a non-profit corporation that is federally incorporated with Industry Canada.

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    Morneau and Trudeau now under investigation

    For the first time in Canadian history, both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance are both under investigation by the Ethics Commissioner.

    Morneau is under investigation for having sponsored legislation the govern pensions while Trudeau is under investigation for taking air travel and lodging in the Caribbean from a man whose organization lobbies the federal government.

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